Waitlist Policy and Procedure

Waitlist Policy and Procedure

A new waiting list is maintained by the Registrar, starting each October for the following September’s registration.

As we often have an overflow of response from the community at waitlist times, waitlist forms are available online and accepted no earlier than the specified/designated date. Notice of the date when our waitlist opens is given well in advance on our website.

Waitlist forms are marked with the time and date that they are received and then numbered accordingly.

An Information Session and/or tours are organized by the registrar for those families on the waiting list. The waiting list is not carried over from year to year, families must reapply each year and there is no cost to sign up for the waitlist.

 Spaces are offered in sequence beginning with Internal families, then alumni, followed by new families.

Factors that are considered before offering a spot are: age of child, maximum group size, type of use needed (full-time, part-time, etc.).

All waitlist families will be contacted by the registrar even if we are not able to offer them a spot for the coming year. A family’s position on the waitlist does not necessarily reflect their chances of getting a spot at the school.  We ask that families please refrain from contacting the school or registrar with questions about their position on the waitlist as we WILL contact them.

Waitlist families will be contacted when the internal registration is complete.  We anticipate beginning external registration at the end of January or early February. It is the family’s responsibility to ensure we have been given the right contact information. If a family is offered a spot, they will have two days to accept or decline the spot and then the registrar will move on to the next family. If we are able to offer a family a spot they can expect to hear by the end of March. If a family is not offered a space in this initial period, it is possible that a space may come available in the spring after the withdrawal deadline for enrolled families.