A Child-Centred Philosophy
Children are given the freedom to use their imagination,and develop their creativity and independence, with no pressure to conform or compete. The informal encouraging nature of the program allows children to develop pride in themselves and respect for others.

Exploring and Learning Through Play
Vaughan Co-op Nursery School is committed to providing care and a rich learning environment for all children including those with special needs, in our program.

Our program is play-based and the children are central to their own educational process. Their interests and ideas emerge and form the basis for their experiences, while the environment provides the materials and feedback that support their development. This approach to curriculum is otherwise known as Emergent Curriculum or the Project Approach.

The child’s feelings about self and others are nurtured, and a full range of emotional expression is encouraged. The individual personality of each child is respected, while responsibility and self-discipline are encouraged. The children discover the world around them, with emphasis placed on the development of critical thinking, language, social skills and motor skills.

Creativity is encouraged through a wide range of art materials, music and movement, dramatic play and literature. Children create freely; the process of creation and exploration is valued as much as the finished product.

Health and physical development are encouraged through nutritious snacks and meals, appropriately scheduled quiet/rest times and active outdoor and indoor play. Fine motor skills are enhanced through the use of toys, cognitive games and art materials.

We highly value the participation of parents; it is an integral part of the co-operative process. Working in partnership with your child’s teacher enriches the lives of all the children and provides opportunities for parents and teachers to learn from one another.

Make a commitment to your child’s early education.