The Co-op Experience

The parent and guardians of the children in Hippo Nursery School run the school cooperatively, in partnership with trained and certified nursery school teachers and other staff.

One parent, family member or caregiver from each family participates in a weekly duty day at the school, assisting teachers for 2 3/4 hours one morning per week. Families also choose a parent job that supports the operation and maintenance of the school. As well, each family provides a nutritious snack for the children about once a month.

A parent executive board, elected by the members, makes the decisions necessary to run the school: hiring staff, setting policy, budgeting, etc.

Hippo School is a member of the Toronto & District Parent Co-operative Pre-school Corporation. For more information about P.C.P.C. (or to find a co-op in your neighbourhood), please visit their website at