1. How did Vaughan Co-op  Nursery School become known as ‘Hippo School’?
In the 1980’s a new sign in the shape of a hippo was erected at our entrance and it soon became known as hippo school by everyone in the community.  We officially changed our name to Hippo Nursery School in 2014.

2. What ages do you serve?
2-5 years of age.

3. When is intake for registration?
Interested families are able to get on our waitlist in October for the following school year. Registration takes place in late February to March. Waitlist families will be contacted if spaces become available during the school year.

4. How do I get on the waitlist?
Our waitlist opens on the first Monday of October for the following school year.  Waitlist registration forms will be posted to the website in mid- September.

5. When can I see the school?
Waitlist families will be contacted in January and invited to an information session before we offer spaces.