COVID-19 Policy

As per our COVID-19 Policy and operational procedures, we have been following Ministry of Education and Public Health Guidance to reduce the risk of introducing COVID-19 into our community. This means we have a reduced capacity and have full-time children only. We currently have 2 groups, an Older (preschool age) group in the back room and a Younger (toddler age group) in the front room.  Teachers and children are kept together in cohorts and the cohorts do not mingle with each other. Each group has separate outdoor time and they stay in the classroom for meals and nap/rest time. As much as possible, we are attempting to promote physical distancing within cohorts by offering children more opportunities for individual play instead of group activities. Masks and eye protection are worn at all times by staff inside the school and surfaces and toys are disinfected regularly throughout the day.

The teachers and support staff are working hard to continue to offer a warm, welcoming and stimulating environment for all children. We continue to update parents about what the children and class are doing through the HiMama app and weekly email newsletter.

For the 2020-21 school year, we are not able to have parents or family members in the school.  This means no weekly duty day, but parents are still involved through their parent jobs. We also anticipate being able to do physically distant or ‘take home’ workdays, online community events and fundraising. At this time, the school is also providing all meals and snacks.

For more details, please download our full COVID-19 Policy and Operating Procedures below.